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Whatcheeria: Historical predator was one among first vertebrates to develop quick whereas younger

The bones of 2-metre-long tetrapod Whatcheeria reveal that it had an early development spurt – a trait that was thought to have advanced later


28 November 2022

The early tetrapod Whatcheeria was a big predator

Courtesy the FIeld Museum of Pure Historical past

A big, crocodile-like animal that lived greater than 340 million years in the past was one of many earliest vertebrates to have a fast-growing section in its youth.

Whatcheeria was an early tetrapod – one of many first vertebrates to have legs and arms as a substitute of fins. At 2 metres lengthy, it was one of many greatest carnivores of the period, and its anatomy hints that it snatched prey from the water by ambush, similar to fashionable crocodiles. However how Whatcheeria reached such a powerful …

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